Sunday, April 27, 2008

Smile and Frowns

I recently read in an article that on an average a child smiles 400 times a day whereas an adult smiles only 22 times!!. First thing that stuck me was while i agree children smile more but this seems exaggerated. 

Anyways this gave me an idea to think today.... things that bring smile to my face and things that make me red in anger if not cry. So here it goes....

5 Things that definitely make me Smile instantly:-

1. Standing in a super market line or for that matter in any queue and your hair being pulled by an infant 
2. Appreciated for your cooking 
3. Kids waking up in the morning feeling drowsy and rubbing their eyes continuously 
4. Seeing some old photographs of school days
5. Baby talk especially when they are learning new words.

5 Things that make me Frown

1. Vehicles coming on the wrong side of road and causing a traffic jam.
2. Getting a tele marketing call during an important discussion in office or worse during your afternoon nap 
3. Sales people in a shop who say a no without even hearing what you want 
4. People spitting or worse P... in public areas 
5. People using abusive language without any provocation 

To be honest, I could think many more things that got a frown than what makes me smile. Maybe the research is perhaps correct.  Try it if you don't agree.....


Joy said...

Reading the things that make you smile bought me smile in my space.. :) Nice. Keep writing.

Subha said...

Thanks. Have been thinking of writing for a long time:)

anon said...

I would like to do this...Let me see....Can't think of many reasons to smile either...

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